06 January 2016

You are late !!!

-You're late. (The BfME Community)
-A wizard is never late! (~forshire, ~Rastko, ~Paramartha)

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18 June 2015

The Battle for Middle Earth 1&2&RotWK

Hi guys, this is forshire. I hear that you guys asking about BfME2 Online Edition. Well actually it is almost ready to release yet we are not going to since I, Paramartha and Rastko have changed our plans to create something bigger and much more professional. That is something to rule all three games and bring in one.So i am not able to give you ETA, yet we are hoping to finish this project in this summer. But i can give you little details about the project

1.You will never need CD-KEY to install The Battle for Middle-Earth (1&2&RotWK)

2.You will never need CD to play.(No more Deamon Tools stuff)

3.You will never get Autodefeated bug. (That shit left us from EA Games, yet we have fixed that)
10..... Wait release for the rest of epic details...

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04 June 2015

The best thing that has ever happened to BFME2 is....

(As I promised)
The best thing that has ever happened to BFME2 is......

Coming soon...

~ BFME1 Ladder 1vs1 & 2vs2 ~

There will be QM Report on the facebook page, monthly.

02 June 2015

Only 600 clicks separate me from 1 million visits on my blog!

~ Only 600 clicks separate me from 1 million visits on my blog! It is amazing! 1 million visits since 2013! :)
I still keep rejecting google ads, they want them on my blog but fuck them! I will keep my blog clean of the ad scum! They may own the whole earth, but I shall keep them out of our Middle-Earth!

~ I promise now, the BfME series are going to give better experience and more activity than in the old times under EA, we will reach lots of players when the QM is ready on the server. For example, Rise of the Witch-King has been downloaded 15.578 times(on only one mirror) from my blog, other games have huge download rate as well! Let's bring these games back from the ashes, I invite you all, come and play!

~ 600 kişi daha ziyaret edince blogum 1 milyon hite ulaşmış olacak, 2013 ten bu yana olan ziyaret sayısı. Google para yapmam için bana sürekli reklam yapmamı teklif ediyor ama canları cehenneme. Şu dünyada para kaygısı olmadan samimiyetle yapılan birşey olsun ya. Tüm dünyayı elde ettiler bari orta dünyadan uzak dursunlar. Söz veriyorum BFME serisi eski günlerinden yani EA Game'teki server zamanlarından çok daha ileri bir seviyeye gidecek ve daha çok oyuncu olacak. Server'da QM hazır olduğunda çok daha farklı bir noktaya gideceğiz. Bunu bliyorum çünkü oyunun download edilme sayıları elimde.  RotWK sadece bir mirrordan 15 bin kere download edildi :)

Herkesi servera davet ediyorum :)